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Alien invasion to cheer you up?

That was close to the inspiring thought for this book. I was on my daily walk, thinking about solutions for the rather depressing book I was working on at the time. This was during April of 2020, a month into lockdown and overcome with boredom and assailed by loneliness and depression at the mayhem around me. As usual, walking near nature lifted my spirits, and something about the birds that day made me realize I really wanted to write about something fun and uplifting, both for myself and my readers.

In a flash the thousands of sci-fi and fantasy books I had read through the years sorted themselves out in my mind, and an as yet untold story (at least to me) unfolded in my mind. The majority of the story unfolded itself in about ten seconds and I stopped in place to laugh.

I rushed home and began writing and made more progress on the new idea in two days than I had on my previous book in two weeks. I was still left to supply the details and reasons behind everything, as well as create and populate an entire galactic civilization, but hey, what is artistic creativity good for if ya' don't use it?

Along the way the story fleshed out, grew, and acquired far more depth and meaning than I anticipated. I began the book with with the intent of writing some utterly pointless fun entertainment. However, as a first-time novelist (tried and failed several times before), I discovered many ways to grow as a writer and express what is actually important to me in life, even if it was wrapped up in a farcical comedy.

I hope I give you, my readers, a lot of giggles and entertainment. I also hope it inspires at least a little introspection and thought on the importance of protecting the one and only planet we currently have available to us.


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